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Poems and Thoughts    by Frank Maurer

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The Aardvark Hole.

Once again, we are in the Kalahari of Botswana.
A convoy of three Land Rovers slowly moving through the grassy Kalahari Desert.
We moved and camped; one inch of water per day in a basin
For washing of socks and/or parts of the body!
It was on an afternoon, moving towards Drotsky's Cave.
Suddenly the lead vehicle collapsed
With the left front wheel, falling into an Aardvark den-hole.
It was towards dusk and far from our camping destination.
The hole was deep and proposed a challenge, indeed!
Pulling with another vehicle alone proved fruitless.
A log was scrounged, a jack balanced thereon,
And, with the heightened level and great, skillful driving,
The vehicle was relievedly freed.

This moment was a renewed reminder to us all,
As to how precarious were our movements through this land,
Far from civilization and always near unaided catastrophe.
But how could one, when challenged with such,
Not partake in these wonderful but dangerous adventures?

Frank Maurer 12 February 2023 1640 Hours.

The Aardvark: A fascinating, insectivorous mammal which consumes
50,000 ants and/or termites in a single night. The closest relative to
this species is the elephant! One of the greatest threats, besides predation,
is being a source of bushmeat for the local markets.

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