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Poems and Thoughts    by Frank Maurer

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A I (Artificial Intelligence).

What sort of warped mind
Would fake the countenance and words of the Pope?
Or fake those of presidents or film stars?
Will A I be utilized to rewrite our 'holy' scriptures?
(Hmmm--substituting one set of myths for another?)
Will there be a time when counterfeit news
Won't be discerned from what actually occurred
So that populations will be manipulated like a circus elephant?

What of our science reporting--
Completely constructed from A I--
(Many papers now submitted, are already based on this horrible flaw.)

And students--from high school to university--
Will their degrees be as fake as their 'research'?
Will our society ultimately be just a house of cards
And collapse around us in a heap of confused rubble?

Will missiles be so supersonic
That only A I might be able to intercept?--
Decisions required to be made so fast--way beyond human ken.
Regarding this; one voice has cried out:
'May such systems at least be programmed
With compassion and understanding
To result in a more 'human' outcome.'

There are of course, positive uses for A I ;
In medicine, engineering, bioscience, various devices, and possibly even art.
But is the tradeoff otherwise worth these A I 'advances'?.

Atomic energy was once viewed as a 'saveall' for the world,
But, as is now occurring with nuclear-armed Russia over Ukraine,
Will the world be held helplessly as a hostage
To the possible outcome of our own creation?

Frank Maurer 17 May 2923 0850.

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