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Poems and Thoughts    by Frank Maurer

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Flying VI. Flying Others.

Having now learned to be a pretty good, confident pilot,
(There are Old Pilots and Bold Pilots, but no Old, Bold Pilots),
I decided to figure out a plan to fly others
With the club planes to help pay for my hours.
Cornell had a 'ride box', where hopeful travellers
Could state on 4 X 4 cards, when and where they 'needed' to go.
When I had a little free time from my demanding graduate studies,
I went to the ride box and sorted through those going to the same destination.
One, I remember, was a big dance at the U of NH.
I wrote down several names and telephone numbers--
The goal was at least three students going to the same place.
With the list, all collected and organized, I went back to my apartment to call.
'I am flying to the U of NH on your date ('by chance'!).
Would you like to fly and share gas, only needing two hours for the flight,
Instead of the 12 hours to make the trip by bus?'
(I could fly NE over the mountains from Cornell, Ithaca, NY, to Amherst, NH,
Avoiding the 12 hour bus voyage E to Boston, a layover, then N to NH.)
All responses were always wow, yes--more time to socialize at the big dance!
Off we would go from the Ithaca Airport, over the Alleghenies, landing in NH.
We then made a time for the return flight to get back home.

Everyone was happy for the time saved, and I paid nothing, by sharing, for my hours!
See, 'socialism' does work, especially with no ulterior motives!

Frank Maurer 17 July 2023 1630 Hours.

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