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QUAIL RIDGE NEWSLETTER 2008 - 2009: click on desired download to right --> MS Word Adobe PDF

Dear QRWC Members & Friends,

I have just returned from the annual meeting, held this year in Portland, Oregon, of the Land Trust Alliance, the national umbrella organization for the country’s 1600+ land trusts, of which QRWC is one. Our land trust was in fact one of the early members of the LTA, and we have been attending the annual meetings (called ‘Rallies’) since 1991. These are quite inspirational and very instructive: there are numerous workshops and seminars on land stewardship, fundraising, legal issues, ecological and environmental issues, and so on. Of late there have been sessions devoted to the increasing problem of protected lands being invaded or surrounded by wind farms, photovoltaic generators, and energy transmission corridors. The challenge of course will be just how these two environmental efforts will be able to work in harmony. At the Rally I once again met up with many land trust colleagues and participated in a very informative field trip with a presentation on the consequences of dam removal and protection of contiguous river lands.

Recently back from my trip, I wanted to convey to you some of my enthusiasm about QRWC and the lands that our land trust has protected on Quail Ridge Reserve. Did you know that there is a QRR webcam on the Reserve, installed by the UC Davis Natural Reserve System team? Using this online-accessible camera, not only can you visit two of the ponds on the Reserve to look for wildlife stopping for a drink, but, in addition, on

the highest hilltop there is a self-operated camera which one can turn and zoom in and out. You may check this system out for yourself at:


If you have visited the QRWC website recently, you may have seen that we now offer (with the approval of the Natural Reserve System -- [Scattering Ashes Program was ended in 2013] the opportunity for families who are interested in this to scatter the ashes of a loved one or pet on Reserve lands, whose tranquility and beauty will remain undisturbed by development in perpetuity. Because QRWC asks for a moderate donation for the right to scatter ashes on this special place, this serves as a small fundraiser for QRWC, while giving family members the assurance of a quiet and beautiful resting place for their relative and affording private virtual visits, via the webcam, from anywhere in the world.

As we are all aware, these are difficult economic times for nearly everyone, and QRWC would be happy to re-start an earlier program of ours of sharing proceeds for joint events—e.g., a half-day interpretive hike, a special-occasion picnic, an evening supper walk—on the Reserve with other non-profit organizations, schools or clubs. If you identify the participants, QRWC will handle the rest. (See the ‘Do Something Wild’ page in this web site for more details.)

Photo of Lake Barryessa from Quail Ridge

Another fundraising idea, and one which we have done in the past, is a member-hosted dessert party for 10-15 people (friends, acquaintances) that would include a presentation about the mission and goals of QRWC and QRR, including a short informative DVD about the Reserve. This has been an enjoyable way of doing some outreach beyond our immediate circle of members and supporters to let others know about the significance of our now 25-year efforts to preserve open space and natural habitat on Quail Ridge. Please call me if you might be interested in sponsoring such an event (530/219-4477).

The Quail Ridge House on the 37-acre property near the entrance to QRR is currently available for rent. If you know of anyone who would enjoy living in an oak forest-savannah that backs onto the nearly 2000 acres of Quail Ridge Reserve, with walking rights on the latter, please let me know. Lake and boat facilities are nearby. This would be an ideal place for anyone who wants some real peace and quiet and who enjoys watching wildlife, which abounds.

As all of you will likely recall, I was honored last April at a reception hosted by the UC Natural Reserve System for my 25 years of conservation work at Quail Ridge Reserve. It was gratifying to see many of our long-time members and friends stop by to say hello and to share some stories about how we got to where we are today with our land preservation project on Quail Ridge Reserve. Of course, we accomplished this together, and I thank you all for your support through the years.

QR Reserve becomes all the more relevant as the planet experiences the ill effects of climate change and humans realize that they must change some of their behaviors. The oak forest at the Reserve sequesters many metric tons of carbon; in helping to protect this area, you help at the same time in halting the progression of climate change.

As you know, our end-of-the-year newsletter always includes a request for renewal of your membership or a simple donation to help us carry on with the Conservancy’s work for Quail Ridge Reserve. If you are able to make a larger contribution in these difficult financial times, it would help us a great deal. QRWC is pleased to offer a packet of our original artwork perennial grass notecards with a renewal or donation in any amount. Please remember that the Reserve is a living natural legacy, more or less in our own backyard, that merits continued protection for the generations that will follow our own.

Our last walk on the Reserve of 2010 will be on December 11; please come if you can. I wish you all a happy and festive holiday season!

Frank W Maurer, Jr.
Executive Director, QRWC
530/219-4477; frankmaurer41@gmail.com Website: www.quailridge.org


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