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Poems and Thoughts    by Frank Maurer

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What is Sacred?

Some will not eat fish with no scales.
But catfish is advertised as a near perfect meat source.

Some will not eat sacred cows.
But beef is a main protein source for the world (unfortunately?).

Some will not eat the pork of pigs.
But the special white meat is the 'beef alternative'!

Some will not eat horse flesh--thanks to a Papal decree by Pope Gregory III
in 732. (Leviticus also rules out eating horse meat.)

But the French and much of the rest of the world savour this flesh.
(USA horses are still slaughtered for food, but on Mexican and Canadian soil !)

The flesh of dogs (and cats) are desired in many parts
And thousands of both are 'needlessly' euthanized in a starving world.

But what about the possible 'saviour' for our future protein source?
Is insect protein kosher? inedible? gross? unmentionable cuisine?

Might we reject a food source which may tip things towards a reasonable balance?

The human brain owes its increased size, most likely to the discovery of termite 'flesh'.
Why does the West reject the very thing that gave them their 'brains'?

Is all this just a human comical farce?
Why all the rules to demonstrate allegiance and membership?
Could there be a Humanistic approach to a rational life?
Caring for all life, but we must still eat--and what?

Caring for all life--the definition of Humanism (but there is no meddling god!). .

Frank Maurer 23 July 2023 2135 Hours.

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