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Poems and Thoughts    by Frank Maurer

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Proper Treatment of the Vanquished.

For centuries--and even millennia--
Humans, being territorial, consistently, as groups,
Would continually steal land areas from others.
The motives would be as a result of coveted space,
Resources, historical motives, greed, or philosophy.

The consequence of a takeover is how the conquerors
Treat the vanquished--are they 'equals'
Or are they 'lesser' in the eyes of the 'masters'.
Across our world there are examples of both results.
The Romans would conquer and then offer property and citizenship
To those who served their new nation;
Opposite examples are myriad and easy to recall throughout history,
Including our US revolution where the colonists had had enough.

When a conquered group is strictly held down
And treated unjustly, with no power to resist peacefully,
The only way to attempt for freedom or equal conditions,
Is to retaliate with violence and aggression.
When such a group does rack seemingly unjust destruction,
One who judges, must always keep in mind,
As to how the rebelling group was treated previously.
Humans, as several other fellow creatures might behave,
There exists a tipping point, beyond which existence is impossible.

As enlightened fellow humans, we who understand,
Must always recognize and work to alleviate
Such situations on our planet, resulting in justice
And an attempt to lessen unnecessary potential pending human disasters.

Frank Maurer 9 October 2023 1420 Hours.

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