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Poems and Thoughts    by Frank Maurer

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Just What are We all About?

I am listening to NPR and their continual reporting
Of the Russian atrocities committed on the defiant Ukrainians.
It is sickening how we, Homo sapiens, treat each other.
We continually manifest the output of our reptilian brain:
The 'us and the them' with a coin flip as to how 'the them' is treated.
On the one hand we react with tremendous evilness.

The Turks on the Armenians;
The English on the Scots and other Celts;
The French on the Breton population;
The Germans and Austrians on the Jews;
The US whites on the African black slaves;
A.Lincoln on the severing of the Western lands
So as to cripple its Native Peoples
With the 'gifting' of the 40 acres and a mule.

On the other hand, the total opposite manifests:

William Penn peacefully negotiating and paying for the first PA territories;
The great female Russian ruler, Catherine, abolishing slavery;
The Germans and the Dutch, harboring Jewish families;
All those involved in the 'Underground RailRoad';
The brave pilots delivering supplies during the AirLift to Berlin;
Martin Luther King continually braving racist threats;
Susan B. Anthony and the other women on a fast to create the vote for women.
Such violence contrasted with such compassion.

Wouldn't it be so simple to create true peace,
As our cousins, the Bonobos, have evolved to do,
By abolishing aggression, culminating with a gentle act of intercourse.?

Frank Maurer 18 February 2023 0820 AM.

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