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QUAIL RIDGE MONITOR Vol. 21: November 2011 - 2012

Picture of a field of poppies at the reserve

Dear QRWC Members, Supporters, and Friends,

The year rapidly drawing to a close has been deeply challenging for many of us, for our state, for our country, and for the world. With numerous issues of national and international significance claiming our attention it is easy to lose perspective on the important things right around us.

Most of you over the past many years have steadfastly supported QRWC and its steady work to protect native habitat, wildlife and open space at Quail Ridge Reserve. We are hoping that you will continue to maintain your support for the Conservancy and its work in the community and region.

One of the ways that I would really like to have you support our efforts is just to use the Reserve more. For example, just come on our monthly walks and bring some other people with you. Four walks, one in each season, would give you a full picture of the changing landscapes, flora and fauna throughout the year in our local California Inner Coast Range.

Another way to use and enjoy the Reserve is to schedule a special event, choosing your own date. We can support individualized walks for any age level, picnic lunches or dinners, birthdays, even a wedding or anniversary celebration. We want you to take advantage of the beautiful “wild area’ that you have helped to preserve. In other words, along with the educational component for which the Reserve has been typically used, there is plenty of room for other activities.

Such participatory activities on our Reserve constitute the Conservancy’s only series of fundraisers; but in addition to raising some dollars, they also help create a sense of commitment to an important local project. Thus, we hope you will plan to join us during the coming year on a scheduled walk and/or special event of your choosing. Consider hosting a dessert or dinner party for QRWC in your home as a way of introducing new people, potential members, to the Conservancy and the Reserve.

I would like to remind you also of our Virtual Field Trip program, our Gift Boutique, our website live cameras, our YouTube films, our Donate-a-Vehicle program, and our $24,000 matching funds campaign. Visit our website for more information about each of these. Finally, if you need additional Nugget or SaveMart scrip cards for yourself or to pass on to others, let us know. These have been helping us quite a lot during the past year.

What do you get for your dollar? As we consistently emphasize in our communications and publicity, we have a wonderful, nearby area protected for research and education. This is great in and of itself, but for our members and supporters there are additional benefits, all of which are on our website:
--Monthly educational walks for your family and guests
--Virtual Science Field Trips for K-12 school science classes
--Personal events on the Reserve for you to schedule with a group, club, school, etc. of special interest to you
--Online-accessible web cameras to view the Reserve and its wildlife
--Member-hosted home dessert parties for fun and for networking for QRWC and the Reserve
--Access to QRWC’s Gift Boutique for unusual items relating to the Reserve,
  and nature in general (go to www.quailridge.org/boutique.htm for the full

We would love to hear from you. Have a wonderful and productive year and a joyous holiday season.

Frank W Maurer, Jr.
Executive Director, QRWC
530-219-4477; frankmaurer41@gmail.com Website: www.quailridge.org


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